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 At Unique Carpentry we take great pride in our creations from digital room remodeling to manufacturing. Every project commissioned by Unique Carpentry is digitally created to give the client a real world perspective. These perspectives could relate to elevations, design configuration or even ambient lighting conditions.

Cabinet Manufacturing and installations presents it’s own unique problems. Here at Unique Carpentry we over come those problems through our carefully collected field measurements and unwavering eye when it comes to detail.

Our custom cabinets are designed specifically for your space by cabinetmakers so there is no second guessing when it comes to measurements, hardware or installation. Computer generated designs are extremely accurate and easily modifiable allowing infinite possibilities and the ability to suit individual preferences.

 Working with our customers on a personal level, and using the latest design tools helps ensure the perfect custom furnishing for your home. You don't have to be a furniture designer to work with us - we understand that design is a bit of an evolution. Whether it's a modification of a previous design or an original concept. Every cabinet and piece of furniture is a client specific design handcrafted the old fashion way with quality materials and fine workmanship. Every piece is a unique one-off design and is never duplicated.


Pictured above two kitchen designs with the same layout demonstrating the ease of design changes from ultra modern to a more classical style.