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          Located in Kennewick, Washington, Unique Carpentry was started by Andrew Dempsey in 2000 as a part-time business mainly to pay for college. We started crafting fine furniture and a few years later transitioned to cabinet design and manufacturing. In the coming years we explored and perfected the various styles of cabinets ranging from the very traditional to the ultra modern and classical designs.


          We are a very family-oriented business and produce quality work that we would want in our own home. Attention to detail and “doing it right” the first time are beliefs we hold strong when it comes to our products. We have integrity and our customers see that right away. We look forward to providing quality craftsmanship for our great customers, who always appreciate the artistry that goes into each individual piece.

          Even after 14 years of experience this company is still blossoming, continually striving for perfection in all the services we offer. Conforming to Architectural woodworking standards for high-end custom cabinets, our products reflect the high expectations our customers have. In combining sturdy craftsmanship with fine details, our products combine utility and flexibility.


          Supporting other local and state businesses is one of our top priorities when purchasing materials and hardware. Supporting the environment by being aware of what "green" products and low-VOC finishes is another area of priority, our plywood utilizes a soy-based, alternative to toxic, formaldehyde-based resins, and is sourced from sustainably harvested North American forests, a renewable resource. Additionally, plywood can be specified as FSC-certified, making it good for you and the planet. We have decided to use environmentally responsible pre-finished hardwood plywood for interiors of cabinets and drawers to reduce exposure to harmful indoor VOC emissions.


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